TWICE, ITZY, NiziU, great performances at the end of this year
TWICE, ITZY, NiziU, great performances at the end of this year
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] TWICE, ITZY, and NiziU, who have raised the reputation of JYP Entertainment will make a great performance on the Japanese stage at the end of 2021.

In the "2021 Girl Group Popularity Ranking" recently released by Line Research in Japan, TWICE, ITZY, and NiziU were ranked at the top of various categories, proving their distinct presence regionally. The three groups will carry out various Japanese activities in December this year and continue their enthusiasm.

◆ TWICE-ITZY-NiziU, the centerpiece of the lineup.

TWICE boasts solid popularity and is showing off its aspect as a "k-pop representative girl group." With their third full album "Formula of Love: O+T=<3" released on November 12, they ranked third on the top three main charts of the U.S. Billboard on November 27, ranking 16th on December 4, achieving their second consecutive week of chart-in. At Tower Records, Japan's largest record shop, as of the 18th and 19th, it succeeded in lining up from No. 1 to No. 4 on the daily sales chart and is gaining popularity, ranking second in the Oricon weekly combined album rankings (based on November 15, 2021-11.21).

TWICE, which will release its 9th Japanese single "Doughnut" on December 15, released various teasers sequentially, including concept images, videos containing parts of sound sources, and music video teasers, and heated up the fever. The title song with the same name is TWICE's first ballad genre in the country, and the visual concept that revived the beauty and year-end atmosphere of members like white snowflakes raised fans' expectations. At 0 o'clock on the 3rd, the song and music video of the new song "Doughnut" were released in advance, changing expectations to satisfaction, and in the afternoon, they will appear on Japan's representative music program TV Asahi "Music Station(MSTE)" to meet viewers.

◆ ITZY is about to make an official debut in the Japanese music industry.

ITZY will release Japan's best album IT's ITZY on December 22 and make its official debut in the local music industry. Last month, the Japanese version of WANNABE, a representative song containing the trademark "Shoulder Dance" and honest and confident messages, was pre-released and the performance was first released on November 12 at "MSTE." As a result, ITZY became the fastest artist to appear on "MSTE" before its official debut and attracted enthusiastic attention from Japanese fans. They then appeared on Nihon TV's morning program "Sukiri" on November 25 to present a fantastic stage and once again made a clear impression.

On December 1, the Japanese version of the title song "LOCO" of the first full album was pre-released and ignited local fan sentiment. ITZY's first full album "CRAZY IN LOVE," which includes "LOCO," was loved worldwide, entering 11th place on the Billboard main chart "Billboard 200" on October 9 and 99th in the rankings on October 16. ITZY will add firepower with "LOCO-Japanese ver.-" and hold Japan's first online live "ITZY JAPAN DEBUT SHOWCASE "IT'z ITZY" on the 18th to communicate with fans who have been waiting for their local debut.

◆ The most popular girl group, NiziU, celebrating their 1st anniversary.

NiziU, which was created through the audition program "Nizi Project," is a group that successfully realized "GLOBALIZATION BY LOCALIZATION" among JYP's future visions presented by JYP's representative producer Park Jin-young. Starting with their pre-debut song "Make You Happy" in June 2020, their official debut single "Step and a Step" in December, and "Take A Picture/Popin' Shakin," their second Japanese single released on April 7 this year, hit major Japanese music charts. As if to prove their great influence, they entered NHK's Hongbaekga Hapjeon, a representative year-end special broadcast, 29 days after their official debut last year, and this year, they also brightened their seat and confirmed their appearance for the second consecutive year.

They officially released their first full album "U" and title track "Chopstick" on November 24 and expressed their deep love for all "U" who support NiziU. The first full album "U" topped the latest Oricon weekly album chart (based on November 22, 2021-11.28) with 179,000 points in the first week of its release, making NiziU the only female artist to surpass 100,000 copies in the first week of its release as of 2021. In commemoration of the first anniversary of their debut on the 2nd, they conducted YouTube live streaming and spent a special time with fans who gave generous support for a year.

TWICE, ITZY, and NiziU are expected to show off their unique charms and perform better in December.


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