MMA2021, IU, Lim Young-woong, MSG Wannabe, etc. lineup are completed
MMA2021, IU, Lim Young-woong, MSG Wannabe, etc. lineup are completed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] All the stars who led the Korean music industry in 2021 will appear at the MMA2021 (Melon Music Awards 2021).

Melon said on the 2nd, "IU, Lee Moo-jin, Heize, Lim Young-woong, MSG Wannabe (M.O.M), TOMORROW X TOGETHER, THE BOYZ, ENHYPEN, Brave Girls, and STAY will appear at MMA2021 which will open at 6 p.m. on the 4th."

This MMA2021 is drawing attention as a lineup of strong music players on this year's Melon chart.

IU will once again reach MMA2021 in four years since MMA in 2017 and unveil the stage of her new song "Strawberry Moon."

"Strawberry Moon" topped the Melon TOP100 upon its release on October 19.

In addition, Lee Moo-jin, who topped the Melon chart 26 times with his self-composed song "Traffic Light" released in May this year, Heize, who boasts overwhelming sound source power with unrivaled voice and trendy sensibility, and Lim Young-woong, who reached the top of the chart with a new song as well as a drama OST, will communicate with viewers.

MBC variety show "How do you play" Ji Seok-jin, KCM, Park Jae-jae, and Wonstein, members of the music project group MSG Wannabe, will also reunite at MMA2021 for the first time in half a year to set up the stage of the hot topic song "Just Looking at."

K-pop idols' fourth-generation icons, THE BOYZ, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and ENHYPEN, will have a three-way performance battle at MMA2021. MMA's stage technology, which has been creating a legendary stage every year, is expected to create a stage where you can enjoy both listening and watching at the same time.

Prior to the main ceremony, the MMA2021 pre-show "MMA? The Record" will be held live for an hour from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the 4th. "MMA? The Record," hosted by announcer Park Sun-young and comedian Lee Yong-jin, will reflect on this year's Melon chart and present the MMA2021 TOP10 announcement, winner prediction, and performance spoiler. In addition, the festival will be heated up through surprising records in Melon charts and real-time broadcasts of photo walls.

MMA2021 and MMA2021 pre-show "MMA? The Record" can be found on the Melon app and web MMA page in Korea, Melon Music Awards 2021 channel of Kakao TV, YouTube 1theK channel, MUSICON! TV (Japan), dTV (Japan), JOOX (Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar), MY MUSIC(Taiwan).


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