New Boy Group TRENDZ including Eun-il and Ye-chan, 7 members profiles is revealed
New Boy Group TRENDZ including Eun-il and Ye-chan, 7 members profiles is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Eun-il and Ye-chan's profiles, the last member of the rookie boy group TRENDZ, was released and became complete.
Photo = Interpark Music Plus
Photo = Interpark Music Plus

At midnight on the 2nd, Interpark Music Plus, the agency, released the profiles of members Eun-il and Ye-chan on the official SNS channel of TRENDZ, meeting the expectations of global fans.

Eun-il, a member who was released, has pure features, deer-like eyes, and simple accessories. Eun-il, who showed a complete visual and beautiful atmosphere in the profile picture, caught the eye with her fascinating aura and raised questions about her position in the group.

Ye-chan then showed off his manly visuals and overwhelming charisma. Ye-chan, who plays the youngest character in the team, left a strong impression with a strange visual and atmosphere that coexisted with the masculine and boyish beauty that revealed the color of TRENDZ. Ye-chan then drew expectations for his member chemistry with an aura contrary to Eun-il.

TRENDZ, which has completed the disclosure of all members by revealing Eun-il and Ye-chan, will consist of Harbit, Leon, Yoon-woo, Korea, Lael, Eun-il, and Ye-chan, and will become the representative idol of Generation Z. It is known that it will showcase a unique worldview with a solid narrative that differentiates it from the existing idol worldview, drawing keen attention from fans.

TRENDZ, a large rookie male idol scheduled to open the music industry in 2022, released various cover videos even before its debut, revealing a wide spectrum of genres without limitations. Since then, it has raised expectations for its great performance in showing off the members' seven-person charm by impressing K-POP fans.

Meanwhile, Interpark Music Plus's new male idol group TRENDZ is currently stepping up efforts to make its debut in January. The profile videos of Eun-il and Ye-chan will be released on the official SNS channel at noon on the 2nd.



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