WOODZ "Singles" pictorial is released
WOODZ "Singles" pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Singer WOODZ greeted with a pictorial.

The magazine "Singles" released a pictorial in the December issue featuring the dreamy atmosphere and uniqueness of singer WOODZ. In the released pictorial, WOODZ completed the pictorial by showing off his dreamy aura and giving off deeper eyes.

WOODZ released his 3rd mini-album "ONLY LOVERS LEFT" in October. When asked what kind of feelings he expressed in this album, he said, "I put my feelings from the beginning of love to the moment before parting, from tracks 1 to 6.

Perhaps the listeners answered, "Wouldn't they know that love flows this way?" He then expressed his strong passion for the album, saying, "I wanted it to approach as if I were watching a movie, and I worked hard so that I could feel big and small emotions in it." WOODZ, who fits well with the modifiers "music genius" and "all-rounder," surprisingly gets inspiration from everyday things. "For example, I sometimes feel it from words and actions that come and go between people, and sometimes I get it from things. "I try to capture small parts that anyone can see but cannot see," he said, expressing an answer that feels extraordinary in ordinariness.

WOODZ on stage is loved by the public and lives cooler than anyone else, but when he comes down from the stage, he is said to be living an infinitely normal life. "I tend to try to distinguish between work and daily life.

Meanwhile, WOODZ is scheduled to hold his first solo concert, The Invisible City, from December 11 to continue his hot fever. The public is paying keen attention to another move by WOODZ, who flexibly crosses the boundaries between soul, hip-hop and pop and showed various charms.

The sensuous pictorial of singer WOODZ, who has a strong presence, can be found in the December issue of Singles.



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