Yoon Do-hyun of "Sing Again 2", "I decided because Yoo Heeyeol recommended"
Yoon Do-hyun of "Sing Again 2", "I decided because Yoo Heeyeol recommended"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Yoon Do-hyun of "Sing Again 2" expressed his sincerity as a judge 28 years after his debut.

Yoon Do-hyun will take the judge's seat 28 years after his debut on JTBC's "Sing Again Season 2 - Unknown Singer". Yoon Do-hyun, who refused to offer judges for many audition programs. After deep consideration, he decided to appear, raising viewers' expectations to the fullest.

Yoon Do-hyun said, "The screening is not done by anyone," adding, "I think I should have the qualities as a senior and senior in life, such as musical experience, knowledge, and a personality that knows how to embrace people."

It was Yoo Hee-yeol, the head of the "Sing Avengers," who moved Yoon Do-hyun, who had no choice but to think about appearing. Yoon Do-hyun said, "Now I decided to appear at the recommendation of Yoo Hee-yeol to share our experiences with my juniors."

In the teaser video released earlier, Yoon Do-hyun raised expectations by heralding a wacky yet detailed microscopic review. On top of that, he drew attention with a hot reaction that knows how to truly enjoy the stage. Yoon Do-hyun, whose screening of "Sing Again 2" is "infinite excitement," said, "I'm excited that I can't predict what kind of participants will come out at all." "I'm enjoying the screening process," he said.

He also revealed the criteria for screening. "I think singing is basic. On top of that, I will like participants who have signs of serious concerns about their philosophy of singing or their own style, he said, signaling a detailed microscopic review.

Sing Again 2, a reboot audition that gives unknown singers another chance will feature more powerful players than season 1. Yoon Do-hyun hinted, "There are artists who make a very strong impression." He added, "It's very embarrassing whenever I see musicians I know."

In particular, he said, "The stage with the amazing retro music interpretation method of the young participant, the dance skills of the twist, and the deep echo of the oldest senior was very impressive."

Yoon Do-hyun also pointed out the difference between the reboot audition "Sing Again." "One of the things that YB most worried about when entering the U.S. was how much they understood their culture and could permeate it," he said. "Sing Again" is not just a singing contest, but a program to discover musicians who understand artists' senses and the musical trends of the present era. I think this is the biggest difference," he said, stressing the strong difference from other audition programs.

Finally, Yoon Do-hyun said, "It's fun to listen to good stages and honest opinions from the judges. It's a program that's not fun, he said.

Sing Again 2 is an audition program that gives singers who are desperate for the stage one more chance to stand in front of the public. Judges who can cover various musical colors and genres, including MC Lee Seung-ki, Lee Sun-hee, Yoon Do-hyun, Kim E-na, Kyu-hyun, Lee Hae-ri, Sunmi, and Song Min-ho, will work together to lead "Sing Again 2." It will premiere on December 6th.




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