Jeon Hyo-sung as special DJ for "Golden Disc Awards"
Jeon Hyo-sung as special DJ for "Golden Disc Awards"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer and actor Jeon Hyo-sung played an active role as a DJ specializing in pop at the "Golden Disc Awards."
Picture = MBC
Picture = MBC

Jeon Hyo-sung was in the DJ's seat on behalf of Kim Hyun-chul on the occasion of 2021 MBC FM4U Family Day at MBC FM4U's Golden Disc, which aired on the 30th.

In the broadcast that day, Jeon Hyo-sung said, "I am here today as my decision-making power," and introduced, "Today is MBC FM4U Family Day 2021 and the 50th anniversary of 91.9 countries."

"You have to be really comfortable with each other." So today's dress code is a comfortable training suit. I wore the most colorful purple outfit among my training clothes, which is comfortable but does not lose style, she said. "My hair was highlighted with a mustard color beret."

"It looks like you're wearing a ginkgo leaf hat." Introducing a listener's cheering text, "Cute like the end of autumn," she said, "I aimed for that. "Thank you."

Jeon Hyo-sung said, "This is the time I've been waiting for," and hosted the "Hyo-Dee's whatever" section, and "I even left a message in the fruit chart comment that Jeon Hyo-sung introduced and came to listen to it," adding, "Listening to this song really makes me feel good." He is a person who makes music so well that all the songs are good, he said. "I brought it because I wanted to listen to it with the listeners.

Jeon Hyo-sung introduced various genres of pop music with a calm voice without any signs of nervousness, emitting Jeon Hyo-sung's unique bright energy, skillfully and skillfully communicating with listeners, drawing a professional aspect.

At the end of the broadcast, "Thank you so much to the listeners who joined us today, and DJ Hyun gave me a warm message of support over the phone before going into the broadcast. I would like to express my gratitude," she said.

Meanwhile, Jeon Hyo-sung is the DJ of MBC FM4U's Dream Radio and communicates with listeners from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day.


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