MONSTA X's "Rush Hour" performance MV was released
MONSTA X's "Rush Hour" performance MV was released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The group MONSTA X released the "Rush Hour" performance music video.

MONSTA X posted a performance music video of its mini-album "Rush Hour" on its official YouTube channel at 0 o'clock on the 27th.

In the released video, MONSTA X showed a video focused on the dynamic group dance of  Trustful Performance Master, boasting a rough desert background and stage set amid free camera movement.

In particular, against the backdrop of the outdoors, MONSTA X produced a variety of productions, with a time difference from daytime to blue evening and night when dark darkness fell. On top of that, not only is it fun to see the styling of jumpers and jackets that reveal their individuality, but also doubles each wild energy through powerful choreography.

Produced by Jooheon, "Rush Hour" is a song that compares the word "Rush Hour," which means a crowded situation or time, expressing MONSTA X's confident identity and spirit in an infinite competitive society.

As much as the spirit, MONSTA X is cruising with the green light on. Starting with SBS MTV and SBS FiL's "The Show" on the 23rd, MBC M and MBC Everyone's "Show Champion!" and KBS2 "Music Bank" have won three awards in music shows, achieving outlaws in the music industry.

MONSTA X is not only showing unique performances with irresistible charisma on every stage but also writing meaningful records together, drawing keen global attention to their tomorrow.

MONSTA X, which meets fans with various content, including appearing on various broadcast programs, will continue its activities with "Rush Hour."


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