Park Hee-soon exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment
Park Hee-soon exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Actor Park Hee-soon has signed an exclusive contract with Salt Entertainment.

Salt Entertainment reported on the 29th that it recently signed an exclusive contract with actor Park Hee-soon. The manager, who has been working with Park Hee-soon for a long time in the past, has announced a new start with Salt Entertainment, where he has built trust and trust as a practitioner.

Park Hee-soon, who has been active on the theater stage for more than a decade, has been performing thoroughly as a master actor across various genres such as noir, comedy, and period dramas such as Seven Days, Client, Witch, Drama Beautiful World, and Weekend Film: Sleeping Bank.

Recently, Park Hee-soon played the role of Choi Moo-jin with charismatic acting and strong action through Netflix's original "My Name". It is loved worldwide, breaking another life character.

Salt Entertainment, which signed an exclusive contract with Park Hee-soon, said, "I am happy to have a new relationship with actor Park Hee-soon, who showed unique character digestion in each work. We will provide full support to Park Hee-soon, who is loved by the public for her sincere acting, to make her work happy. We ask for your interest and support for actor Park Hee-soon, who will continue to play in various ways in the future, he said.

Meanwhile, Apple TV+'s first Korean original series "Dr. Brain" starring Park Hee-soon has been released every week since the 4th, and Salt Entertainment, which signed exclusive contracts with Park Hee-soon, includes Kim Jung-hwa, Park Shin-hye, Kim Ji-won, Kim Sun-ho, Kim Joo-heon, Hong Seung-beom, Lee Joon-kyung, and Jang Do-ha.


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