[November 29th] Stray Kids COMEBACK
[November 29th] Stray Kids COMEBACK
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] November 29 is the day Stray Kids make a comeback.

Stray Kids talked about Christmas gifts and expressed their love for fans to commemorate the release of the season song this winter.

Stray Kids will release their holiday special single "Christmas EveL" on November 29 and spend a special end of the year with fans around the world. 

Stray Kids cited the key point of their new song "Winter Falls" as a sentimental winter sensibility. The members said, "If you listen to a song that goes very well with winter, it gives you a calm echo. The music video that expresses the sad emotions contained in the song added beautiful visual beauty to make use of the charm of the cold season as it is now.

In particular, the atmosphere contrary to the free spirit of another title song "Christmas EveL" adds to the fun of watching. He added, "We included a double title song to play different seasonal songs, and I hope fans will enjoy the year-end gifts we prepared happily."

The lyrical lyrics and guitar melody of "Winter Falls is falling, snow is falling cleaner than anything else, and I will erase everything that is left to me still" blend well with the seasonality, raising expectations for the new song.

They announced various aspirations and plans of the group, including their first official fan meeting, their own reality, second full album, season song, collaboration, and pop-up store, in the video "Stray Kids "STEP OUT 2021" uploaded on January 1 this year, and this holiday special single was also well prepared.

3RACHA, a producing group on the team, participated in the work of all the songs, followed by famous writers such as Earattack and HotSauce. Another title song's "Christmas EveL" was named by adding the alphabet "L" to "Christmas Eve" and expressed Christmas from a different perspective in a witty way.

Stray Kids' holiday special single album "Christmas EveL" will be officially released at 6 p.m. on the 29th.

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