Bae Doona and Gong Yoo "The Silent Sea" 2nd teaser poster is revealed
Bae Doona and Gong Yoo "The Silent Sea" 2nd teaser poster is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The elite members will begin a 10% chance of survival mission at the closed lunar exploration base.

The second teaser poster for the drama "The Silent Sea," released by Netflix, an online video service (OTT), showed elite members heading to the moon to find clues to human survival. Space biologist Song Ji-an (Bae Doona), exploration leader Han Yoon-jae (Gong Yoo), senior engineer Ryu Tae-seok (Lee Joon), team doctor Hong Ga-young (Kim Sun-young), security team leader Gong Soo-hyuk (Lee Moo-saeng), and spacecraft pilot Kim Sun (Lee Sung-wook) are tense. I wondered what their mission would be to perform at the lunar exploration base called the calm sea.

The trailer released together contained an instant situation facing the crew. As the spacecraft crash-landed due to a gas problem, it falls into a crisis from the first minute of its mission. Those who escape from the spaceship hanging from the end of the cliff barely reach Balhae Base. Jiahn raised tension by saying, "The entire crew is less than 10% likely to survive." When Jiahn asked, "Do you think there will be something in here?" Yoon Jae said, "The answer."

'The Silent Sea' is the story of elite members who left for a research base abandoned on the moon after receiving a special mission to the Earth in 2075, devastated by the depletion of essential resources. It serialized a short film of the same name directed by Choi Hang-yong, who received favorable reviews at the 13th Mise-en-Scene Short Film Festival in 2014. Director Choi was in charge of directing, and author Park Eun-kyo of "Mother" and "Crush and Blush" wrote it. Actor Jung Woo-sung participated in the production. It'll be released on the 24th of next month.


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