Lim Soo-hyang joins MBC "Dr.Lawyer"...acting with So Ji-seop
Lim Soo-hyang joins MBC "Dr.Lawyer"...acting with So Ji-seop
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Actress Lim Soo-hyang will work with So Ji-seop in acting.
Photo = FN Entertainment
Photo = FN Entertainment

MBC's new drama "Dr.Lawyer" said on the 25th, "Lim Soo-hyang has been confirmed as the heroine."

Dr.Lawyer is a heartwarming and thrilling medical suspense court drama that punishes humans who believe they can rank their lives with wealth and power and comforts unfair victims by meeting a genius surgeon who has become a medical litigation lawyer and a lawyer.

In the play, Lim Soo-hyang played Geum Seok-young, a prosecutor in charge of medical crimes at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. Geum Seok-young is a prosecutor with a firm belief that the rehabilitation of criminals comes from punishment, not forgiveness and leniency. In addition, a person with the humanity of giving innocent defendants more actively than a lawyer. Attention is focusing on what kind of acting transformation Lim Soo-hyang, who has been showing perfect character digestion, will show through her attractive character Geum Seok-young, who combines skills and personality.

Meanwhile, "Dr.Lawyer" is scheduled to air in 2022.


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