Kim Woobin W Korea pictorial is revealed
Kim Woobin W Korea pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Kim Woobin's Christmas present Joe Malone London's "Star Bright Adventure" collection of stars shining in the night sky.

Joe Malone London, which excites the heart with its Christmas collection that enrages the eyes and nose at this time of year. This year, it will showcase Star Bright Adventure under the theme of adventure with sparkling stars. The representative cologne, which catches the eye with its engraved star pattern on the bottle, is "Stallet Mandarin and Honey Cologne," which homage the brightest star in the darkest night sky. The refreshing and sweet scent felt in the name conveys the warmth of the powdery aftertaste.

The four corons will offer fragrant Christmas parties, including Orange Bitters Cologne, White Moss and Snowdrop Cologne reminiscent of fresh moss on snowflakes, and Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne, which is lively with the salty sea breeze.

In addition, more than 20 variety products, including candles, diffusers, and room sprays, will serve as messengers to express gratitude to precious people.  
The best item chosen by Kim Woo-bin among the four corons from the "Star Bright Adventure" collection in London is "Stallet Mandarin and Honey Cologne". The scent of an exquisite combination of lively mandarin and sweet honey goes well with his innocent smile. The extraordinary packaging is also noteworthy. The cream-colored box decorated with gold ribbons and the Christmas collection box with shining stars is enough to amplify the excited expectations of the recipient.
Dance with Jo Malone's "Star Bright Adventure" collection! Four Christmas Korons decorated with pouring stars heighten the year-end mood. Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne, one of the brand's steady sellers, led by the new scent Starlet Mandarin & Honey Cologne, is a star engraved bottle, and Orange Beaters Cologne, which can only be seen every Christmas season, and White Moss & Snow Drop Cologne, which was sold out last Christmas season, are silver labels.

I'll pick the stars in the night sky and give them to you. The bottle of Joe Malone London's "Stallet Mandarin & Honey Cologne," which seems to have moved the embroidered star, shines brightly. The octagonal star design engraved all over the bottle evokes a desire to keep touching with the fingertips. On one side of the dressing table, it shines beautifully enough to become a luxurious interior object by itself.


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