Love Your W 2021 - aespa
Love Your W 2021 - aespa
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] aespa with W Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

The four hottest girls right now, aespa, also joined "Love Your W."  

The entire pictorial is available in the December issue of W.

Giselle's jacket is YCH, Karina's dress is EcommaE, Winter's crop jacket is Romanchic, and Ningning's tube-top dress is Bonbom.

Winter's dress is Doucan, Carina's earrings are Luvreparis, Carina's black saw is Oh_L, Bracelet is Haesool, Bracelet is Geiger, left ring is Engbrox, left ring is Luvreparis, Ningning's dress is Tatiana White, the overlapping ring is Tatanana's dress.

Carina's blacktop is Oh_L, her earrings are Haesool, her lace dress is Langnlu, and her earrings are Haesool.

The halterneck dress worn by Ningning is Etro, and the short-sleeved dress worn by Winter is Doucan.

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