Mamison and participated in the OST of director Park Jungmin "Leaders"
Mamison and participated in the OST of director Park Jungmin "Leaders"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Among Watcha's original short film project "Unframed" (produced by Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, Lee Je-hoon, and hardcut production), director Park Jung-min's "Leaders" is drawing more attention with rapper Mamison's participation in the OST.

The "Leaders" drew attention as child actors Kim Dam-ho, Kang Ji-seok, Park Hyo-eun, and Park Seung-joon, who have been cast directly by director Park Jung-min and accumulating solid acting skills from independent movies to dramas.

In the second semester of the fifth grade, Yoo Jang-won, the center of the most influential gang in the class, Joo Sun-young, who is absolutely supported by girls, and timid and non-existent Jung In-ho will run for president, respectively. With Yoo Jang-won and Joo Sun-young considering each other as the biggest rivals and no one considering Jung In-ho as a competitor, the classroom is engulfed with tension as an unexpected story unfolds.

The "Leaders," which depicts the illusion of power and various human images of society through the subject of the elementary school Leaders, raises expectations by adding hip-hop elements to the tension and suspense of the noir genre. In particular, rapper Mommy Son, known to have been cast by director Park Jung-min, participated in the movie's OST, completing it with a more rhythmical and original work.

Mommy Son said about her feelings about participating in the OST of the "Leaders," "Doing a new job is always an exciting and fun experience. Coach Park Jung-min, who trusted me and entrusted me with this honorable mission, gave me generous support, saying, "Please enjoy the Leaders."

Director Park Jung-min also said Mommy Son's participation in the movie was of great help, adding, "I thought Mommy Son was the best musician for the Leaders, and I was proud that I wasn't wrong after receiving the result." I hope it remained a meaningful experience for Mommy Son as well. In addition, it was a miracle to contact an unknown musician," he said, raising expectations for the "Leaders."

Unframed' can meet director Park Jung-min's "Leaders," which highlights child actors' outstanding acting skills and genre appeal, as well as director Son Seok-koo's "Rerun," director Choi Hee-seo's "Bandi" and director Lee Je-hoon's "Blue Happiness."

Unframed is a short film project directed and written by four artists (Park Jung-min, Son Seok-gu, Choi Hee-seo, and Lee Je-hoon) who are exploring new possibilities away from the frame. It will be released exclusively on Watcha on December 8.


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