Sunye, Kahi, and Park Jung-ah will appear on tvn 'My mother is an idol'
Sunye, Kahi, and Park Jung-ah will appear on tvn 'My mother is an idol'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] The group "Wonder Girls" Sunye will return with tvN's entertainment show "Mom is an Idol." Ga-hee from "After School" and "Jewelry" Park Jung-ah will also cheer up.

Mom is an idol re-challenge of legendary girl group mothers. Stars who have left us for a while due to childbirth and childcare transform into complete idols. The return of idols, who made the entire nation enthusiastic in the 2000s, is expected to evoke nostalgia and excitement.

Sun-ye and Ga-hee, who live abroad, decided to return home for this challenge. Ga-hee said, "I returned home from Bali for only one stage." The identity of the members who will try again as idols with the three is also raising expectations. Model Hong Jin-kyung, MC Do Kyung-wan, trot singer Lee Chan-won, and singer Woods will help them make a comeback. He is in charge of casting producers and performing managers.

PD Min Cheol-ki said, "Those who show off their skills during their active career make a legendary stage," and added, "Please pay a lot of attention to the re-challenge of those who were stars before they were mothers." It will premiere at 8:40 p.m. on the 10th of next month.


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