[November 24]Park Hye-su's Birthday
[November 24]Park Hye-su's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] 11月24日是歌手兼演員Park Hye-su的生日。


Park Hye-su  also spelled as Park Hye-soo, is a South Korean actress and singer. She participated in K-pop Star 4 as a contestant.Park rose to fame for her role in Hello, My Twenties!.She took on her first lead role in Introverted Boss.

Park graduated from Korea University with a degree in Korean Language and Literature.

In 2021, several alleged victims shared their stories online on how they were physically abused by Park when they were in middle school. Park denied all the allegations through her agency Studio Santa Claus Entertainment. The allegations led to the delay in releasing the series "Dear.M", which she stars in. Dispatch later reported that the allegations were false, claiming that the victim is lying and uncovering text messages that the two were actually friends in school.

According to Park Hye-su's Agency on April 30, she began filming the independent film "You and I" from the fourth week of April. The film was directed by actor Cho Hyun-chul, who worked with Park Hye-su as a co-worker in Samjin Group's English TOEIC Class, which was released last year. Park Hye-su explained, "It was a movie that promised to appear a long time ago."

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