Offline vs. Online Concert, which one will you go for it? – MINO Concert Review
Offline vs. Online Concert, which one will you go for it? – MINO Concert Review
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On November 19, 2021, one of members of WINNER, MINO, had his first solo concert at the Olypmic Hall in Seoul, Korea. His offline tickets were sold out within a few moments, and fans and stars gathered cheering his very first moment.  

Image from YG Official Twitter @ygent_official

His performance, of course, was speechless. He covered almost all of his songs from his solo album without any big break. His live performance amazed all of the attendees at the stadium. However, his offline concert was a quite different from the past ones due to unexpected Covid-19 pandemic.  The Safety Authority of Korea did not allow to shout of cheers, sing along, or make noise during the concert.

MINO was applauded as he came on stage, and revealed his new song from his new album. It was very weird moments for him and all of his fans. Pandemic of Covid-19 brought significant changes in our lives including for the offline concerts. MINO, as a professional, led fans to clap once, twice, and three times as the response of his comments. For example, fans clapped once when he says “all of you”, and clapped twice when he said “are you enjoying?” Fans enjoyed to see MINO in person. That was all. His fans were followed all the regulations and not a single person violated the rules. Hope all of us can enjoy the concert next time like sing together, and dance together.  I am still not sure which one goes better; offline or online.

What about you? 

P.S. Delay streaming is available for his concert this weekeend (27th and 28th.)

- 2021.11.27 SAT 2PM (KST)

- 2021.11.28 SUN 8PM (KST) - Livestream on VENEWLIVE

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