"Leaders" Park Jungmin said, "It was fun as a director"
"Leaders" Park Jungmin said, "It was fun as a director"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] A pictorial of actor Park Jung-min and the cast, who directed the "Leaders" of Watcha's original short film project "Unframed," was released.

The December issue of Cosmopolitan, which was released on the 23rd, features four child actors, including Park Jung-min, who turned into a director by directing the "Leaders," and Kim Dam-ho, Kang Ji-seok, Park Hyo-eun, and Park Seung-joon, who acted enthusiastically.
First of all, Park Jung-min, who expanded from acting to directing, catches the eye with a close-up shot of him sitting on a director's chair with a megaphone and a film, raising questions about what new gaze and interesting story he will tell through his first film production, Leaders.
On top of that, the popular child actors picked by Park Jung-min boast a professional aspect against the backdrop of the theater with their free personality, raising expectations for their amazing acting skills in the "Leaders." Especially Kim Dam-ho, who plays Jung In-ho, shows a confident expression and natural pose.
In addition, Park Hyo-eun as Joo Sun-young, who is mentioned as a strong candidate for class president with absolute support from girls, and Park Seung-joon as Kwak Ji-hoon, the influential member of Yoo Jang-won's gang and former semester leader, also add to expectations by showing a hip mood that was not seen in the "class election.",
Director Park Jung-min said in an interview, "The process of solving what I wanted to talk about as a director, not as an actor, felt like I was making clay or sorghum cans when I was young," adding, "If the actor played the role of sorghum or whatever the director assembled, I enjoyed taking responsibility for what I made."
He went on to say, "I was worried about how to understand and explain the child's language when directing, but it was amazing that I could understand everything if I talked as a director and actor without trying to explain it easily." "I relied a lot on the actors," he said, expressing his affection for the actors with the work.

'Leaders' is a noir of elementary school students who are as fierce as the adult world, and Park Jung-min wrote and directed the scenario himself. The "Leaders," which unraveled the Leaders in elementary school in a tense noir genre, drew enthusiastic responses at the Busan International Film Festival, which was unveiled as a World Premier with its rhythmical directing mixed with hip-hop base and outstanding acting skills.

Interviews with behind-the-scenes stories about wonderful pictorials and movies in the "Leaders" can be found in the December issue of Cosmopolitan. Unframed will be available on December 8 at Watcha.


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