Coronavirus infection is affecting K-culture industry hard
Coronavirus infection is affecting K-culture industry hard
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Jisoo Lee] The aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) hit the culture related industires. Broadcasting, movies, songs, etc. were hit directly.

Most programs, including entertainment, drama and music, decided to stop recording. The film industry has also canceled all scheduled events. Premiere and production presentations were postponed indefinitely.

The same applies to the music industry. BTS, TWICE and Red Velvet canceled the concert. (G)-Idle, Ahn Yeeun, etc. adjusted the release date and comeback date.

Major broadcasters canceled most of their recordings. The three mainstream music programs have been recording music broadcasts without an audience since late last month.

The film industry is alarmed as well. Nearly every premieres are cancelled while the movies scheduled to release such as 'Hunting Time', 'Innocence', 'Parasite: Black and White Edition', and 'Call' have been postponed.

In particular, movie theaters have been hit hard, with the number of audiences dropping by more than 50% recently. Theaters are either closed early or shut.

The music industry is no exception. Artists who announced comeback are canceling or postponing all schedules as album releases, showcases and concerts. Most singers temporarily put off their scheduled concerts. BTS, TWICE, Zico, and Taemin delayed all schedules in the aftermath of Corona19.

Fan meetings were also put on hold. Kim Woosuk canceled the first solo fan meeting scheduled for March 22. Hyomin also delayed meeting with fans.


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