[November 23] Shin Sung-rok's Birthday
[November 23] Shin Sung-rok's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] November 23 is Shin Sung-rok's birthday.

Shin Sung-rok entered the Theater School at the age of 22 and began acting.

After working a lot in musicals, he entered the drama and movie industry in earnest with his popularity and gained a lot of popularity.

The agency, SANGYOUNG Ent, announced on the 29th that Shin Sung-rok will appear in the MBC drama "Dr.Lawyer."

Shin Sung-rok plays Jaden Lee, head of the Asian branch of Honors Hand, a company specializing in lobby and investment in the play. In order to achieve success, he is an independent power that is controlled by everything he says and acts.

Expectations are high on what kind of acting transformation Shin Sung-rok, who has been active in various works, will show as Jayden Lee, a three-dimensional character. In addition, attention is being paid to the bromance and acting confrontation with So Ji-seop in the play.

Meanwhile, Shin Sung-rok is performing the musical "Jekyll & Hyde."

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