[November 23] Roh Ji-sun's Birthday
[November 23] Roh Ji-sun's Birthday
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] November 23rd is the birthday of Roh Ji-sun, a member of fromis_9.

Roh Ji-sun is a member of fromis_9, a girl group from idol school.

Born on November 23, 1998, Roh Ji-sun, and currently, a member of Stone Music → Off the Record Entertainment, participated in Mnet's "Idol School" and made numerous nicknames such as "Gu Gu Ji-sun" and "Roh Jang-geum" at the final announcement of her debut.

Before their official debut as fromis_9, she appeared in "2017 MAMA in Japan" for the first time and introduced the digital single album "Glass Shoes," and her first mini-album "To." Heart. After that, our 2nd mini-album, "To". She has been actively active with Day's DKDK and recently with her special single From. 9 Love Bomb.

Fromis_9, to which Roh Ji-sun belongs, released her third mini-album "My Little Society" in September last year and carried out her activities.

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