[November 23] ONEWE COMEBACK
[November 23] ONEWE COMEBACK
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] November 23 is ONEWE's comeback day.

ONEWE (Yonghoon, Kanghyun, Harin, Dongmyeong, and Cya) will release the music and music video of the title song "STUDIO WE : Recording 2" simultaneously around the world through various music sites at 6 p.m. today (23rd).

The title song "STAR" is a song written and composed by members Yong-hoon and CyA, and is a song that compares the fateful encounter between you and me, which is set by heaven, to a star. The combination of guitar lines that highlight the dramatic composition and detailed rhythmic instruments creates a unique narrative of ONEWE.

In particular, "STAR" is a song that continues ONEWE's "Space Series," and its top line and guitar solo, which contain the deep scent of the days when Korean rock was in its heyday, become a catalyst for emotions, giving it a strong yet magnificent charm.

The music video released with the sound source shows ONEWE performing a more intense band performance on the purple sky reminiscent of the galaxy. The sensuous dreamy fantasy elements were melted throughout the video, doubling the deep atmosphere of the original.

The new song "STAR" is the title song of ONEWE's second demo album "STUDIO WE : Recording #2," which will be released on the 7th of next month. STUDIO WE : Recording is an album that contains the first guide version of ONEWE's first idea of the song, and as it contains the beginning of the song, you can see ONEWE's natural and sincere appearance.

Since its debut, ONEWE has continued its Fountain Series and Space Series, showing unique musical colors of each album. He created ONEWE's own genre with his versatile aspect, which combines excellent performance and performance skills as well as production skills.

Furthermore, ONEWE will release its second mini-album in January next year. Expectations are high on what else they will show through Shinbo as they showed ONEWE's unique charm in unknown areas with their previous work Planet Nine : Altern Ego.

Meanwhile, ONEWE's new song "STAR" will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. today (23rd).

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