ITZY released a track list of their new album
ITZY released a track list of their new album
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[BBANGYA NEWS|Chalie Park] ITZY released the track list of the new album 'IT'z ME' at 0:00 KST on Feb 2, one week before the comeback.

The title song 'WANNABE' was written and composed by a top-notch producing team GALACTIKA*.

They've made ITZY's debut song 'Dala Dala' which gave ITZY the nickname 'monster rookie'. The reunion of the top composers and the super rookie group is expected to create a huge hit song that surpasses the success of 'ICY' and 'Dala Dala'.

'WANNABE' emphasized the strong hip-hop feeling by adding electric guitar sound to the fusion groove track, which combined the advantages of various genres such as EDM, house, hip-hop and so on.

It is expected to catch your ears with the message 'one & only ME' that will show your own colors without being tied to others' standards.

The new album 'IT'z ME' will feature seven tracks including 'WANNABE' and 'TING TING TING with Oliver Heldens', 'THAT'S A NO NO', 'NOBODY LIKE YOU', 'You Make Me', 'I Don't WANNA Dance' and '24 HRS'.


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