GHOST9 visual film of "NOW : Who we are facing"
GHOST9 visual film of "NOW : Who we are facing"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] The group GHOST9 showed off a more advanced visual.
Picture = Maroo Entertainment
Picture = Maroo Entertainment

GHOST9 (Son Joon-hyung, Lee Shin, Choi Joon-sung, Lee Kang-sung, Prince, Lee Woo-jin, and Lee Jin-woo) released a visual film of their new mini-album "Now: Who Are Facing" on their official SNS at noon on the 22nd.

The video began with Lee Jin-woo lying down next to the letter "MAESTRO." Lee Kang-sung, Prince, Lee Woo-jin, Son Joon-hyung, Lee Shin, and Choi Joon-sung then appeared one after another, giving off a magical charm like a black hole just with their chic eyes.

In particular, the decadent beauty full of aura, which is hard to reach, stood out. GHOST9 showed deep charisma with a cynical look and a sharp expression along with an admirable visual.  

GHOST9's return as a strong man with wild beauty after taking off the refreshing boyish beauty shown in their previous work raised expectations for their comeback, and questions about their "Control" stage grew.

GHOST9's new title song "Control" uses an analogy as if it were conducting, telling the story of putting fear, sadness, and regret in your heart aside for a while and coming to me. It is an impressive song with the echo of a charismatic classical piano by sampling Schubert's song "The Devil," composed based on Goethe's poem.

GHOST9's last message, "Now: Who Are Facing," will be released on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 25th.


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