Huh Gak, VIBE's 20th-anniversary "REVIBE" the fifth song 'Drinking' is released
Huh Gak, VIBE's 20th-anniversary "REVIBE" the fifth song 'Drinking' is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] 'Drinking' reborn with singer Huh Gak's voice, will be unveiled.
Picture = Major 9
Picture = Major 9

At 6 p.m. on the 22nd, "REVIBE Vol.5 Drinking," the fifth music source of the "REVIBE" project launched ahead of the 20th anniversary of VIBE's debut, will be released through various online music sites.

"Drinking" is a song from VIBE's third full album "Re-Feel" released in 2006, and contains a heartbreaking breakup and longing that everyone has experienced at least once. It has been loved by music fans as much as the numerous stories of parting that make me cry just by listening to it.

In the teaser video released earlier, Huh Gak raised the expectations of listeners by adding his uniquely warm and mellow vocals while maintaining the sentimental sensibility of the original song. "Drinking," reinterpreted by Huh Gak, gives a different feeling from the VIBE, and is expected to give "memory" to the older generation and a "new impression" to the younger generation.

"REVIBE" is a project that reinterprets the songs of VIBE, which have been sung and loved so far, with the voices of the best artists. Using the group name of VIBE, it contains both the meaning of "singing artist VIBE's song again" and "releasing VIBE's song with a trendy feeling."

Starting with the collaboration song "Love Me Once Again" with Boyz II Men, MAMAMOO Solar, Moon Byul's "Promise U," Davichi's "Starry Night," and Lee Moo-jin's "Fall in Fall" were released, giving listeners memories and nostalgia.

Meanwhile, the "REVIBE" project plans to continue to showcase collaboration music with various artists.


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