Lee Mi-Joo signed an exclusive contract with Antenna
Lee Mi-Joo signed an exclusive contract with Antenna
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Lee Mi-joo signed an exclusive contract with Antenna and will make a new start.
Picture = Antenna
Picture = Antenna

Antenna delivered the news of an exclusive contract with Lee Mi-joo on the 17th and said, "Lee Mi-joo always did her best in both Lovelyz and individual activities last time, showing a wide spectrum with her own style and personality. "We will provide full support to Lee Mi-joo's talents and we ask for your support for Lee Mi-joo, who is about to make a new start," he said.

Lee Mi-joo also matched the motto of the antenna aiming for "good person, good music, good laugh" through the antenna with the picture I wanted to draw. We will deliver good energy through various activities in the future, so I hope you look forward to it, he said.

The antenna, headed by Yoo Hee-yeol, includes talented musicians with their own personalities and unrivaled capabilities, including Jung Jae-hyung, Toy, Lucidpole, Peppertones, Lee Jin-ah, Jung Seung-hwan, Kwon Jin-ah, Sam Kim, and Juk-jae, and plans to present content that can create synergy in both music and entertainment aspects starting in July.

Along with Lee Mi-joo's joining, Antenna is stepping up its artists' album and performance activities, and is showing antenna artists' unexpected charm through Kakao TV's entertainment show "Antenna TV : Woodangtangtang Antenna". In addition, their artists will more actively participate in project planning and continue to showcase unconstrained music and entertainment.

Meanwhile, Lee Mi-Joo, who debuted as a group Lovelyz in 2014, is currently on MBC's "How do you play?".", Kakao TV's Learn way 2", and "The ants are still alive today."


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