OH MY GIRL HYOJUNG, STAYC SIEUN, SF9 IN SEONG as special DJs for "Dream Radio'
OH MY GIRL HYOJUNG, STAYC SIEUN, SF9 IN SEONG as special DJs for "Dream Radio'
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] OH MY GIRL's Hyojung, SF9's Inseong, and STAYC's Sieun will be special DJs for "Dream Radio" this week.
Picture = MBC
Picture = MBC

MBC FM4U's "Jeon Hyo-sung's Dream Radio" announced on the 15th that it will be with special DJs from the 15th (Mon) to the 21st (Sun). DJ Jeon Hyo-sung was forced to leave due to his schedule.

OH MY GIRL's Hyojung will meet with listeners on the 15th to 17th, SF9's Inseong on the 18th and 21st, and STAYC's Sieun on the 19th to 20th as a special DJ for "Dreamin'."

OH MY GIRL Hyojung is expected to show stable progress based on her experience as a special DJ in various programs.

SF9 Inseong, who is about to make a comeback, is expected to touch the hearts of the 10s and 20s as a DJ on the 18th, the day of the 2022 College Scholastic Ability Test.

STAYC Sieun, the representative girl group of the fourth generation, is also raising expectations as a DJ for the first time since her debut.

MBC FM4U (91.9 MHz in the metropolitan area), where Hyo-jung, In-sung, and Si-eun will play, Jeon Hyo-sung's Dream Radio is broadcast every evening at 8 p.m. It can also be seen on the official website, MBC radio application mini, and on YouTube Bongchun Radio.


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