Hwasa the tracklist of her 2nd single album, "Guilty Pleasure" is revealed
Hwasa the tracklist of her 2nd single album, "Guilty Pleasure" is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] MAMAMOO's Hwasa, who is about to make a solo comeback on the 24th, unveiled Shinbo's tracklist.
Picture = RBW
Picture = RBW

At 0 o'clock today (15th), Hwasa released a tracklist of her second single album "Guilty Pleasure" on her official SNS, raising expectations for a solo comeback.

According to the released tracklist, the single album contains a total of three tracks, including the title song "I'm a Light(I'm a 빛)", "FOMO" and "Bless U."

The title song "I'ma Light" is a song in which Hwasa participated in the lyrics, heralding another three-letter title hit song following "Twit" and "Maria." In particular, this is the first time that Hwasa has received a song from a foreign producer among her solo songs, so expectations are high.

In addition, hitmaker Park Woo-sang, who has been working with Hwasa on "Twit" and "Maria," will participate in the first track "FOMO" and the third track "Bless U" to create the best synergy with Hwasa once again. Hwasa also participates in the composition and lyrics of "Bless U" and will grow endlessly as a singer-songwriter.

Hwasa in the tracklist, which was released along with the credit of the album, creates an elegant and fascinating atmosphere with her slick comb hairstyle and intense eye makeup. Like Hwasa, who has been drawing attention in an unrivaled style every comeback, she showed off an overwhelming presence with her unstoppable poses and concepts.

The single album "Guilty Pleasure" is Hwasa's first solo album in a year and five months, featuring Hwasa's own message of courage and comfort under the theme of "Guilty Pleasure," which means the act of enjoying while feeling guilty.

Previously, Hwasa directly participated in the work of a number of solo songs, including her solo debut song "Twit" and "Maria," proving a wide musical spectrum. As it projected Hwasa's own story, it was loved for its music, emotions, and performances that only Hwasa could do, such as taking the initiative in participating in album work. Shinbo is also expected to be able to meet the musical capabilities of solo artist Hwasa with an album that has been completed with great care for a long time.

Meanwhile, Hwasa will release her second single album "Guilty Pleasure" on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the 24th.


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