"Hawkeye" teaser poster and trailer is released
"Hawkeye" teaser poster and trailer is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Disney+ original series "Hawkeye" has released teaser posters and launching posters.

"Hawkeye" is the first solo series that features all of his past, present, and future as Hawkeye, who has led the MCU as a member of the Avengers over the past decade, faces the best Christmas mission with Kate Bishop, the biggest challenge in hero life.

The released teaser poster attracts attention from the back of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Haley Steinfeld), who travel through the city center decorated with colorful Christmas decorations on a winter day when white snowflakes pour out. Along with the appearance of the two walking in a dignified manner, the phrase "Special mission given to him in the winter of 2021" makes them look forward to new adventures and missions that will unfold in the future.

The launching trailer released together stands out with an exciting carol and a Christmas mood that splendidly decorated downtown New York. Kate's ironic appearance in front of Hawkeye, who is threatened by an unidentified group, draws attention. Hawkeye, struggling to carry out his mission throughout downtown New York, is accompanied by Kate, a character he has never experienced in his hero life, raising questions about unpredictable situations.

The most notable points are Hawkeye and Kate, who show fantastic chemistry in ironic situations. From Kate, who shoots Hawkeye's signature arrows and exclamations in a breathtaking car chase in the city center, to Hawkeye, who jumps from high-rise buildings and is embarrassed, it features a new appearance of Hawkeye that has never been seen in the past decade.

'Hawkeye' is scheduled to release a total of six series through Disney+ this winter.


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