Disney+ officially released in Korea from today (12th)
Disney+ officially released in Korea from today (12th)
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Walt Disney Company Korea launched in Korea.
Picture = Disney Korea
Picture = Disney Korea

Disney Korea will officially launch Disney+ start its service in Korea today (12th).

Disney+ is an online streaming service that provides content for Disney's core brands of movies and TV programs such as Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and Star.

Starting today, domestic consumers will be able to enjoy more than 16,000 movies and TV programs introduced by Disney's six core brands through various devices such as mobile devices and smart TVs at 9,900 won per month or 99,000 won per year. Membership registration and subscription are available on the Disney+ website (DisneyPlus.com) or through the Disney+ app on iOS and Android devices.

Disney+ offers content and stories of various genres introduced by Disney over the past 100 years, from Disney+ original to Disney+ such as "Wanda Vision", "Rocky", "Falcon and Winter Soldier", and "Mandalorian", to movies, TV series, documentaries, and short-form videos.

In addition, the first official spinoff of the popular entertainment program Running Man through a star brand that provides a wide range of general entertainment will be unveiled on Disney+ from today. Disney plans to continue to introduce Korean content produced with domestic content partners through Disney+, starting with Running Man: Play on the Runner, and will release Snowdrop and BLACKPINK: The Movie this year. Walt Disney Company unveiled more than 20 new content in the Asia-Pacific region at the APAC content showcase held in October, of which seven Korean content lineups were announced. Including this, it plans to secure more than 50 original lineups in the Asia-Pacific region by 2023.

Disney Korea is also spurring collaboration with domestic partners so that more consumers can enjoy Disney+ in a convenient and diverse way. LG U+ and IPTV and mobile partnerships, and mobile partnerships with KT will be held, and mobile carriers can use Disney+ through a new rate plan. It will also hold various consumer promotions with partners such as SC First Bank and Hyundai Card.

Oh Sang-ho, CEO of Walt Disney Company Korea, said, "We are happy to finally introduce Disney+, which has received a lot of attention, to Korean consumers. We hope you enjoy Disney+'s unique storytelling, excellent creativity, and infinite entertainment anytime, anywhere, and we will continue to work with various domestic partners and creators."


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