Taeyeon poster for "Tanky Box" is revealed
Taeyeon poster for "Tanky Box" is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and SHINee Key's first solo program "Tanky Box" draws attention by releasing a poster featuring Taeyeon's all-around "Problem Solver" aspect of "Tanky Siblings No. 1."
Picture = Wavve
Picture = Wavve

Wavve's original web entertainment show "Tanky Box" (produced by SM C&C STUDIO-wavve, directed by Park Ji-young) released a charismatic poster of No. 1 Taeyeon of "Tanky Siblings" on the 3rd.

"Tanky Box" is a program that answers anything from small questions to serious counseling, and "Tanky Brother and Sister" Taeyeon and Key will sympathize with viewers' concerns like friends, provide fresh tips and their own know-how.

"Tankybox is drawing attention from many people as it is the first solo program with Taeyeon and Key, known as the perfect match in the entertainment industry.

The released poster captures attention by showing off Taeyeon's aspect as an "all-around troubleshooter" with intense eyes. Taeyeon's eyes facing the front show off her magical charm that makes her share her hidden worries and secret stories that she has not told anyone, disarming the hearts of viewers.

Taeyeon, who is active in the music industry and entertainment industry, is a representative golden hand in the entertainment industry, not only with various hobbies and interests but also with outstanding dexterity. Height is also known as an all-around cheat key that plays in various fields and is famous for having as much interest as talents such as interior, cooking, fashion, and beauty.

Attention is already drawn to what kind of fun the synergy effect between the two, who are known for their honest and pleasant communication with fans through live SNS broadcasts, will add to the broadcast.

While we are looking forward to what story Taeyeon, who is the viewers' "Problem Solver," will tell us, "Tanky Box" will be available every Friday at 12 p.m. starting with its first release on November 12.


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