Tiffany Young Allure Korea pictorial is released
Tiffany Young Allure Korea pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer and musical actress Tiffany Young gave off a variety of charms.

On the 1st, the November issue pictorial with fashion lifestyle magazine Allure Korea Tiffany was released.

Tiffany Young in the released pictorial catches the eye as she enjoys champagne leisurely and performs a fashionable and luxurious look. He also expressed Tiffany's own way of expressing his lively self-portrait of loving and enjoying himself more than anyone else by popping champagne.

Tiffany, who has recently released a new charm to fans through her role in the musical "Chicago," is rumored to have led the atmosphere of the filming site by emitting her unique fresh energy throughout the pictorial shoot despite her tight schedule.

In an interview that followed after the filming, Tiffany Young said, "I have a lot of good memories of champagne," adding, "I only drink when I'm in my 30s, but recently, I've been enjoying champagne especially because I have a lot of good things."

More pictorials and interviews by Tiffany Young can be found in the November issue of Allure Korea and on the website and SNS channel.


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