Hardy debut single "It's You" is released
Hardy debut single "It's You" is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer-songwriter Hardy released his debut single 'It's You' through various music sites at noon on the 28th.

"It's You" contains the title song "It's You" of the same name and the sidetrack "Too Much," so you can meet Hardy's deep sensibility.

Just Because I Like It is a medium-tempo ballad song with sweet lyrics and lyrical melodies that go well with the clear autumn sky. The lyrics of Shim Hyun-bo, who wrote many hit songs, including Hardy's soft vocals and Sung Si-kyung's Every Moment of You, give you an autumn sensibility to fall in love.

"Too Much," written and composed by Hardy himself, melted the feelings that everything felt burdensome after the breakup. Ballad-based melodies are added with Hardy's rhythmic voice and colorful arrangement elements, creating a different charm from existing ballads.

Hardy's debut single received enthusiastic responses through the recent pre-release of global reporters. More than 200 media outlets in North America, including Fox, highlighted Hardy's solid musical perfection, saying, "He is a new K-content artist connecting BTS, Parasite, and Squid Games."

In particular, U.S. Billboard columnist Static Dive is like Ed Sheeran of Korea, seeing Hardy's unrivaled tone and singer-songwriter. "He is an expected artist," he said.

Hardy returned to Korea after studying advertising media at UIUC, known as a prestigious university in the United States. In 2019, he started his musical activities by participating in the lyrics and composition of SHINee's key Cold (Feat. Hanhae) and EXO Chen's "Amaranth."

Hardy, who impressed listeners with his unique delicate lyrics and melodies, released City Pop Mood's "I've had all the time in the world" earlier this year before his debut, showing his unique music color.

Hardy is expected to completely capture the hearts of global music fans with his deeper sensibility and more mature musical capabilities with his outstanding performance worthy of Ed Sheeran of Korea.


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