"MONSTA X: THE DREAMING" will be released on December 8th
"MONSTA X: THE DREAMING" will be released on December 8th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The group MONSTA X will meet MONBEBE (fan club name) from around the world at movie theaters around the world.
Picture = Starship Entertainment
Picture = Starship Entertainment

The agency Starship Entertainment said on the 29th, "Starting with the first release of CGV nationwide on December 8, 'MONSTA X: THE DREAMING' will be released in about 70 countries around the world."

"MONSTA X: The Dreaming" contains a variety of contents, including their journey over the past six years, exclusive interviews by members, U.S. activities, and special concert stage videos for fans.

In particular, "MONSTA X: The Dream" is expected to draw keen attention from global fans as it includes numerous hits by MONSTA X, the recently released U.S. single "One Day," and the first performance of the second U.S. full-length album "The Dreaming," which is set to be released on December 10.

In addition, "MONSTA X: The Dream" is released in CGV and theaters around the world, including "ScreenX" theaters with three sides, to the world's first multi-sensor function and more than 20 motion effects, and "4DX Screen" theaters with both "ScreenX" and "4DX" functions.


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