Park Joohyun X Chae Jonghyeop will be the main characters in "The Speed to You 493km"
Park Joohyun X Chae Jonghyeop will be the main characters in "The Speed to You 493km"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop will meet in "The Speed to You 493km".
Photo = 9Auto Entertainment, YNK Entertainment
Photo = 9Auto Entertainment, YNK Entertainment

KBS2's new drama "The Speed to You 493km," scheduled to air in the first half of 2022, depicts a hot sports romance between "Park Tae-yang," who is fresh 25, and Park Tae-joon, who is all about sports, on the badminton business team. It heralds a romance that is itchy like a shuttlecock's feather and strongly stuck at a maximum speed of 493 kilometers per hour.

Among them, "The Speed to You 493km" said on the 28th that it has confirmed Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop as male and female protagonists, drawing attention. Expectations are already high for the meeting between the two actors, who impressed the public with their unique acting and charm in each work.

First of all, Park Joo-hyun will be divided into badminton player Park Tae-yang, whose exercise is everything in his life. Park Tae-yang, who has a strong smash advantage, was expected to be an Olympic prospect and suddenly left the badminton world due to a mysterious incident. After joining the business team Eunice and catching a badminton club for the first time in three years, he will once again burn his passion with his goal in his heyday.

Park Joo-hyun emerged as a "monster rookie" last year, receiving the Rookie of the Year award in the TV category at the Baeksang Arts Awards for her passionate performance in the Netflix drama "Extracurricular." She then starred in "Zombie Detective" and "Mouse" and was recognized for his ability to digest characters as well as her attractiveness to lead the play. I wonder what kind of new charm actor Park Joo-hyun, who is looking forward to her next work, will capture viewers.

Chae Jong-hyeop will play the role of Park Tae-joon, a player who considers badminton just a job. In the play, Park Tae-joon is a character who dreams of a comfortable life after retirement and joins the business team Eunice after being fired from the city hall team. Park Tae-joon's narrative, which gradually changes as a player and another person while meeting Park Tae-yang here, will stimulate viewers' interest.

Chae Jong-hyeop made his debut with the drama "Hot Stove League" last year, drawing attention for his warm visuals and stable acting skills. Since then, he has accumulated solid filmography by appearing in "Sisyphus: The Myth," "The Witch's Diner," and "Nevertheless." I am looking forward to seeing what kind of passion and presence he will show as a terrestrial protagonist for the first time with this work.

Above all, the chemistry of 25 young people that Park Joo-hyun and Chae Jong-hyeop will create, which the two will play, attracts viewers' attention. Attention is focusing on the performance of those who will work together as a mixed doubles group in Eunice and show exciting romance as well as exciting games.

"The Speed to You 493km" is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022.


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