"After We Fell", all the hot musicians who took over Billboard have participated
"After We Fell", all the hot musicians who took over Billboard have participated
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] After We Fell, which will color the theater district with romance sensibility this fall, has released a music playlist video introducing OST that will maximize the sensual and intense image of the movie.

From London to Seattle, the U.S., the red-tasting romance "After We Fell : The Tessa and Hardin couple find out the existence and unexpected secrets of someone hidden from each other at the top hot spot, "After We Fell" (Director Castile Landon) releases a music playlist video introducing all the hottest artists from the MZ generation.

The After series, which topped the box office in 21 countries around the world, drew rave reviews from the audience as an OST lineup that perfectly blends with exciting stories that stimulate love cells.

If world-class pop stars such as Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Pia participated in the first episode of After and immersed the audience in their first meeting, first kiss, and first experience, this After We Fell was the hottest online music platform for the MZ generation, including Spotify and SoundCloud.

In the released music playlist video, a total of four songs of EZI's "Maraschino Love," Zara Larson's "Love Me Land," The Frey's "Never Say Never," and Phoenix's "Heaven" are shown in advance along with a video that matches the melody. The soundtrack "After We Fell" will be called "Rihanna of Sweden" by genius artists "Rihanna of Sweden," who won eight gold medals at the Grammy Awards, and will serve as a sweet messenger to convey emotions such as "Tesa" and "Hardin" to the audience.

After We Fell, the third story of the After series, dubbed the Romance Bible of the MZ Generation, was listed on a list of real empathy F-rated movies that Castile Landon, a new megaphone, and has upgraded visuals of actors Josephine Langford and Hero Pines Teifin in London and Seattle, the U.S. In addition, the main actor "Hero Pines Tippin" is known to have participated as a co-producer and made his first producer debut, drawing explosive responses around the world.

The movie 'After We Fell', which is expected to feature the music of hot artists occupying the Billboard, will be available at theaters across the country from October 27.


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