Jeon Sang Keun released a collaboration song for Kakao Webtoon's "Nth Love"
Jeon Sang Keun released a collaboration song for Kakao Webtoon's "Nth Love"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Singer Jeon Sang Keun sang a collaboration song for Kakao Webtoon "Nth Love."

TOON STUDIO said on the 27th, "Kakao Webtoon 'Nth Love' and Jeon Sang Keun's collaboration song 'I'm sick' will be released on November 2nd."

It is a song released in 2009 by the Epitone Project "I'm sick." "I'm sick," reborn as Jeon Sang Keun's voice for "Nth Love," will also impress listeners in 2021.

Jeon Sang Keun sang the pain of meeting with a person who was excited about the thought of "I am sick" with his unique light and dynamic voice and parting. This is reminiscent of the main characters of "Nth Love," Lee Moo-gi and Yuna-ri, heralding a greater sense of immersion.

Author Yulo's "Nth Love" is a work about real romance that takes place when Nari, who wrapped up her long-term relationship with her ex-boyfriend's wish, starts dating an attractive man weapon she met on a blind date. Since its serialization in Kakao Webtoon, it has received great sympathy and response from readers in their 20s and 30s, surpassing the cumulative 130 million views.

Jeon Sang Keun's "I'm sick" is also expected to continue to be popular, with the first collaboration song "Love is always thirsty" of Davichi Lee Hae-ri participating last month.


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