CL "Let It" music video is released
CL "Let It" music video is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer CL's first full album "ALPHA" released another new song "Let It."

CL's "Let It" music video, which was released on its official YouTube channel at 1 p.m. on the 27th, was filmed in the U.S. with the production team of "Tie a Cherry."

"Let It," which shows the color of 2NE1, drew attention as some versions recorded by the actual members were released. This song contains the message that you can trust yourself and let it flow as it is when you are in a difficult situation, and is loved with comfort from many people.

The "Let It" music video delivers healing with the visual beauty of CL traveling to the vast nature of the United States and looking for herself.

CL, who released its first full album "ALPHA" since its debut on the 20th and took a new path, has not only topped iTunes in 13 regions around the world but also has a good response, with the music video of "Tie a Cherry" set to surpass 10 million views.

CL, which showed its unrivaled presence through music shows last week, is scheduled to captivate viewers with a new stage this week as well.


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