2am double title track "No good in good-bye" MV teaser is released
2am double title track "No good in good-bye" MV teaser is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] 2am released a music video teaser for the second title song.

At 0 o'clock today (27th), 2am released a teaser video for the music video of the second title song "No good in good-bye" of the new mini-album "Ballad 21 F/W" on its official SNS, raising the heat.

In the released video, Lee Joon-ho stands blankly on the rainy train station platform. He tried to suppress his emotions, but soon tears formed around his eyes, and his expression alone delicately captured the change in emotions, enhancing his sense of immersion.

On top of the rich yet lyrical melody, Jo Kwon's short but catchy voice of "No good in good-bye" is partially revealed, foreshadowing the birth of Park Jin-young's sad ballad.

In particular, singer and actor Lee Joon-ho, who had been close to the 2am members since he was a trainee, gladly filmed the music video as the male protagonist of the music video, showing off his strong loyalty.

As such, 2am released a series of music video teaser videos for the double title songs "I didn't know because I was close" and "No good in good-bye" ahead of the comeback, raising expectations for Shinbo by connecting the stories of the two music videos.

2am will release its new mini-album Ballad 21F/W on the 1st of next month. As it presents its first full album in seven years, it has filled the album with ballad genres that 2am can do best. In addition to the double title song of Bang Si-hyuk and Park Jin-young, Jung Jin-woon's self-composed song "Always Me" will also be included to prove his musical ability to grow further.

In the meantime, 2am has released a number of ballad hits, including its debut song "This Song," "I Can't Let You Go Even If I Die," "You Never Answer," "Like Me," and "One Spring Day," and expectations are high for the autumn sentiment that will be heard through Shinbo.

Meanwhile, 2am will release its new mini-album "Ballad 21 F/W" on various music sites at 6 p.m. on November 1.


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