"Kim Ji-won leaving the agency?" "It's not the contract renewal period"
"Kim Ji-won leaving the agency?" "It's not the contract renewal period"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Actress Kim Ji-won's agency Salt Entertainment declined to comment on rumors of leaving.

The Hankook Ilbo said on the 27th, "Kim Ji-won will move to a new agency without renewing her contract with Salt Entertainment." Currently, many agencies are hoping for a meeting with Kim Ji-won, the report said.

In response, Salt Entertainment told Ten Asia, "It is not currently the renewal period (with Kim Ji-won)," adding, "We cannot confirm the exact expiration date of the contract." He was cautious about reports that Kim Ji-won was looking for a transfer to her agency.

Salt Entertainment announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Kim Ji-won in February last year. At the time, the agency said, "I am grateful to be able to establish a new relationship with Kim Ji-won, who is loved by many people for her irreplaceable charm," adding, "I will spare full support by accompanying her so that she can enjoy not only her work activities but also her personal life."

In addition to Kim Ji-won, Salt Entertainment also includes actors Park Shin-hye, Kim Sun-ho, Kim Jung-hwa, Kim Joo-heon, and Kim Ji-an.

Recently, controversy over the privacy of his actor Kim Sun-ho has raised, causing difficulties. Earlier, when Kim Sun-ho was pointed out as a "K actor," he was criticized for raising controversy by consistently responding silently. Since then, he has issued an apology and is belatedly handling the situation. In the process, controversy over the contract period between the two sides has surfaced and is at the center of various issues.


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