"Inspector Koo" teaser video is released
"Inspector Koo" teaser video is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Kim Hye-joon predicts her performance with her mysterious presence.

JTBC's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Inspector Koo" (directed by Lee Jung-heum/screenplay by Sung Cho-yi/produced by Keyist, Group Eight, JTBC Studio), which will premiere on the 30th (Saturday), is also a hard-boild comic chase by Kyung-kyung (played by Lee Young-ae) who can't stand the investigation. The more the teaser video is unveiled, the more unique and different the atmosphere of the drama stimulates viewers'

Among them, Kim Hye-joon draws attention by announcing her appearance as a student K with secrets. In the play, K has a bright smile and a harmless impression. She is an ordinary student who passionately participates in theater clubs and gets along well with his friends.

However, K's appearance in the still cut released by the production team attracts attention with a creepy atmosphere that is reversed. Kay in the science lab is making something out of red liquid. K's gentle smile looks meaningful, adding attention to what she is doing.

Unlike the names of ordinary characters, questions are amplified about K's role, which was introduced with her initials "K." He is more interested in drama fans because he seems to be hidden in a veil.

On top of that, in the preview video released on the 25th, K made a strong impression and made people look forward to her appearance in the play. Kim Hye-joon, who appeared at the intersection with Lee Young-ae, showed a bright smile but changed his expression and gave me goosebumps. In addition, K's impression of hinting at a "shh" secret with her finger was captured in a short video. It made me look forward to the first broadcast even more, as to what kind of secret K really has, and what kind of relationship K and Kyung-yi have in the play.

JTBC's new Saturday-Sunday drama "Inspector Koo," which makes you curious about K's secret, will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 30.


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