Ko Hyun-jung DAZED pictorial is released
Ko Hyun-jung DAZED pictorial is released
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Magazine "Dazed" released a pictorial and interview with actor Ko Hyun-jung, who returned with a new drama for the first time in three years through the November issue.

The appearance of actor Ko Hyun-jung, who was unfamiliar but never sullen, caught between transparent ball pools and cute sets and props, highlighted the appearance of actor Ko Hyun-jung.

When Ko Hyun-jung, who played Hee-joo, who overcame her unfortunate youth and succeeded as a painter and writer in JTBC's "People Like You," which is airing in the hot topic, answered as follows.

"Is Hee-joo a person who doesn't have enough study about herself?" He is an infinitely generous person, with no reference point or reflection after a mistake when he does something." It was never a positive assessment, but I could get a glimpse of his fierce concern about his role.
Meanwhile, he, who has been an actor for 30 years, also talked about the conflict he faces with himself acting rather than acting itself.

More pictorials and interviews by actor Ko Hyun-jung can be found in the November issue of "Dazed" and on official SNS channels such as Instagram and Twitter, including the website.


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