JAURIM will hold a solo concert
JAURIM will hold a solo concert
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Band Jaurim will hold a solo concert ahead of the release of its 11th regular album.

According to his agency Interpark Entertainment on the 26th, Jaurim will hold a solo concert "Eternal Love" at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park in Seoul for three days from November 26 to 28.

On the 25th, Jaurim announced on its official SNS that the performance will be decorated with the same title as the new album. It also announced the release of the album along with the performance, saying that you will be able to enjoy the seductive sound suitable for deeper and deeper new music.

Jaurim, who reported the release of the full album three years after its 10th full album was released in 2018, will showcase live performances of not only existing hit songs but also songs from the new album.

The agency said, "Jaurim's 11th full album will be released in time for the performance at the end of the day." The album is filled with Jaurim's purple numbers, and you can see the solid and dense sound in the performance, he said.


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