Han Ji Min "Giverny FourSeasons Collection" pictorial is revealed
Han Ji Min "Giverny FourSeasons Collection" pictorial is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Golden Dew, Korea's leading fine jewelry brand, announced on the 26th that it has launched the "Giverny Four Seasons Collection," inspired by impressionist painter Monet's Giverny Garden.

The Givernipo Seasons Collection is a line that expresses a feast of colorful flowers blooming throughout the four seasons in Giverny Garden loved by Claude Monet and is a limited collection produced only one piece for each product. In commemoration of the launch of the Giverny Four Seasons Collection, Golden Dew released a fairytale-like garden pictorial with brand muse Han Ji-min.

Han Ji-min in the pictorial completed an atmospheric pictorial by matching "Giberni Four Seasons (Pink Tour Merlin) Pendant" with a green knit with a Chunky silhouette. The pendant using "Pink Tour Merlin" is a product that captures the romantic moment of autumn among the four seasons of the Giverny Garden, and is designed to feel warmth and cold at the same time with the harmony of romantic 18K pink gold and platinum (Pt950).
In another pictorial, Han Ji-min drew attention by wearing a violet-colored knitwear and a "Gibernipo Season (Green Tour Merlin) Pendant" reminiscent of spring. Wearing the "Giverny Four Seasons (Green Tour Merlin) Pendant," which features a fresh, fresh green and yellow harmony, she wore a structural design of the "Arshedmone" ring to further enhance her elegant and refined appearance.
The "Giverny Four Seasons Collection," which is more valuable as a limited product produced only one piece each, is sequentially consulted and sold at the Seoul Arts Center and department stores nationwide when inquiring about stores.


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