ONEUS mini-album "BLOOD MOON" comeback scheduler is revealed
ONEUS mini-album "BLOOD MOON" comeback scheduler is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Group ONEUS has unveiled its comeback scheduler.

ONEUS opened a comeback scheduler for its new mini-album "BLOOD MOON," which will be released on the 9th of next month, at midnight today (21st), through its official SNS, and began a full comeback countdown.

According to the released scheduler, starting with the intro "Chang" performance video on the 22nd, the album tracklist on the 24th, the group teaser image on the 25th, and the solo teaser image on the 26th to 28th will be released sequentially.

After the 1st of next month, MV teasers, group teaser images, and highlight medley containing the concept and mood of the new album are scheduled, raising expectations for Shinbo.

In particular, after holding a solo concert "ONEUS THEATRE: Red Woldo" on the 6th and 7th of next month, the new mini-album "BLOOD MOON" will finally be unveiled on the 9th.  

In addition, the image of the red moon rising as it approaches the release date according to the moon's status foretells ONEUS' mature and expanded worldview.

ONEUS will make a comeback with its new album "BLOOD MOON" on the 9th of next month. As it is the first new news release in six months since "BINARY CODE" was released in May, various contents are set to be released.

In addition, ONEUS' solo concert "Red Woldo" organically connects the performance with the new mini-album "BLOOD MOON," just like the moon painting that turns red every night, expanding the narrative to announce the imminent birth of ONEUS' own worldview.

ONEUS has established itself as a "stage genius" with a worldview with outstanding live skills, solid storytelling, and spectacular performances in each album.

In addition, attention is being paid to how the new mini-album "BLOOD MOON" will appear as a "fourth-generation representative performer" with various charms through a new concept fan content "ONEUS THEATRE" that combines movie concepts and performances.

Meanwhile, ONEUS will release its new mini-album "BLOOD MOON" on the 9th of next month and make a surprise comeback.


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