MONSTA X 2nd full album "THE DREAMING" in the United States
MONSTA X 2nd full album "THE DREAMING" in the United States
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] The group MONSTA X will release its second full album in the United States.
Picture = Starship Entertainment
Picture = Starship Entertainment

MONSTA X released its second U.S. full album "THE DREAMING" coming soon image on its official Twitter channel on the 21st.

According to the released images, this full album includes the recently released U.S. single "ONE DAY," "YOU PROBLEM," "BLAME ME," "ABOUT LAST NIGHT," "SECRETS," "Tied TO YOU BOD,"

Along with the news of the release of the full album, MONSTA X was nominated for the Best K-Pop category announced on the website of the 2021 MTV Europe Music Awards (2021 MTV Europe Music Awards) on the 20th (Europe local time). As it started in 1994 and is one of the annual MTV Global Music Awards, MONSTA X proved its influence by standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's top musicians.

Earlier, MONSTA X performed brilliantly with its first U.S. full album "ALL ABOTU LUV." Pitbull, French Montana, remix artist Will. In addition to collaborating with world-class artists such as I.M. (, it has shown a variety of genre digestibility under the theme of "Love" and boasted a wide range of music spectra.

In addition, "ALL ABOUT LUV" ranked fifth on the Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200" to the top 10 on a total of seven Billboard charts, while being named "Songs and Albums Representing K-pop in 2020" by TIME and "Best Album of 2020" by Pop Crush.

Music fans around the world are raising expectations for MONSTA X, which has proved its uncooled worldwide popularity by entering the Billboard Pop AIRPLAY chart for two consecutive weeks with One Day prepared for MONBEBE around the world (official fan club name).

MONSTA X will release its U.S. full album "THE DREAMING" on December 10 and will also join the year-end show "Jingle Ball" tour hosted by U.S. radio station iHeartRadio. Currently, the company is stepping up efforts to prepare for a new album with the aim of making a comeback in Korea in November before the tour.


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