Judge Yoon Dohyon will join "Sing Again 2"
Judge Yoon Dohyon will join "Sing Again 2"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Mo Mo] Yoon Do-hyun joined JTBC's entertainment show "Sing Again" season 2 and completed the lineup of judges.

"Sing Again Season 2", which will air in December, is an audition program that gives singers who  are desperate for the stage another chance to stand in front of the public.

With Lee Seung-ki, who has both wit and empathy, confirmed as the MC of Season 2 following Season 1, the judge Dream Team will also play once again. The judges, including antenna representative producer Yoo Hee-yeol, "national singer" Lee Sun-hee, "hit song maker lyricist" Kim E-na, emotional ballader and Hallyu idol Kyu-hyun, "trustworthy emotional vocalist" Lee Hae-ri, and "unrivaled performance" Song Min-ho, who created a genre, were loved again in season 1.

On top of that, Yoon Do-hyun, a vocalist of "National Band" YB and a combination of wit and extensive musical knowledge, will join as a new judge to add strength. Expectations are high for a message of sympathy and warm gaze from him, who had been unknown for a long time. Eight judges of a wide range of genres and various musical colors across the generation will gather together to show a different depth of screening and synergy. Sing Again, which opens the stage where you can sing again without any limitations, is expected to have a high-quality review.

"Sing Again" was thrilling and touching as unknowns such as Lee Seung-yoon, Jung Hong-il, and Lee Moo-jin rebelled in season 1. The audition, which gave an opportunity for unknown singers, forgotten artists, and talented people who met the wrong times to stand on the stage again, resonated greatly.

"Sing Again," which caught both viewership and popularity and served as a star training center. Sing Again, which has established itself as an unrivaled audition brand, is armed with upgraded fun, emotion, and stronger music healing in season 2. Producer Yoon Hyun-joon (CP), who successfully led the "To You Project-Sugarman" series and "Sing Again" season 1, was in charge of planning and producer Chae Sung-wook of the entertainment show "Hurrah for Independence," which gave a pleasant consensus.

"Sing Again 2" will premiere in December.


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