MINO luxurious Arena Homme+ Korea pictorial and interview is revealed
MINO luxurious Arena Homme+ Korea pictorial and interview is revealed
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Luxury watch brands Omega and Song Min-ho met for the November issue of Arena Homme+ Korea. In this pictorial, Song Min-ho, who casually rolled up his shirt and kicked Omega on his left wrist, showed strong masculinity.

As Song Min-ho has full of filmography, is there any free time? When asked about the moment when he was tired, who had to spend time running fast, everyone said, "Everyone is tired. I think longing is what makes you overcome physical and mental fatigue. Longing for learning. "I want to continuously show my creations, present new things, and bring them to you," he said, expressing his greed for creation. WINNER's Song Minho, rapper Mino, artist Ohnim. He has numerous egos. For him, who spare no effort as a musician and an artist, relaxation was "not yet visible."

He recently established himself as a producer in "Show Me the Money" season 10. As a judge who encouraged and led the participants, he was cheering for hip-hop musicians' moves and future more than anyone else. "What bothered me the most was the hearts of the applicants. They know how they feel so well. I hope each and every one of you do well, even for a second more on the second. "I'm thinking about how to highlight each participant's individuality," he said, expressing his affection for the participants generously. In "Show Me the Money" season 10, he said he is stimulated a lot when he finds a new artist and an unfamiliar music style. Due to the nature of the survival program, there is a moment when we face a breakup, and Song Min-ho said, "It's hard to break up because of the growing affection." "Since elimination is a system and a rule, there is no way to use it, but it was painful to drop it because of the strong affection accumulated in the process of elimination," he said.
When asked how much he loves himself, Song Min-ho then said, "A lot, a lot." I don't hate or dislike it. Don't blame yourself either. I'm trying to maintain high self-esteem," he said, expressing his healthy mindset about himself. He said that his most beloved personality is "a personality that tries to show his talent somehow without rotting it." He also said, "I'm trying to take talent seriously, not just as a hobby." I've been doing too much. Instead, we shouldn't lack endurance," he said, expressing his ambition for work. It was an answer that revealed Song Min-ho, who walked slowly and calmly to achieve what he loved.
The two shining stars, the entire pictorial created by Omega Watch and Song Min-ho, and the full text of the sincere interview can be found in the November issue of Arena Homme Plus and on the website.


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