Stray Kids Felix "Thanks to Kingdom, I gained confidence"
Stray Kids Felix "Thanks to Kingdom, I gained confidence"
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Nang] Felix of Stray Kids, who grew to the next level with Mnet's "Kingdom: Legendary War" (hereinafter referred to as "Kingdom") and his second full album "NOEASY," decorated the November issue cover of At-Star. Felix, who went on a cover shoot alone, rather than as a group, received applause and cheers from the staff at the filming site for his beautiful appearance and perfect pose reminiscent of a model.

"It's the same as winning first place thanks to fans," Felix said about his first terrestrial title track "Singer," adding, "I was nervous because it's been a long time since I made a comeback, but I think I've been loved by STAY (fan club name.

In particular, Felix and Stray Kids also won the competition program "Kingdom," which was called an idol confrontation, and replaced them by saying, "Thanks to "Kingdom," I gained confidence while preparing for many stages, and it was a great help." He also expressed his desire to try various styles on the stage in the future, saying, "Through Kingdom, I found out that long hair and black hair go well together."

When asked if the title of "self-production," which is the same as Stray Kids' identity, puts pressure on Felix, he replied, "I'm grateful for the opportunity to make our own songs, and it's good to be able to do the music style and concept Stray Kids wants to do."

When asked when he misses his family, Felix replied, "I miss and miss you all the time," and added, "It's been about two years since I've been to Australia where my family lives due to COVID-19," adding, "I'm waiting with the heart that I can see you at any time."

Felix wants to be a person who can repay his fans by developing his skills as an artist. Stray Kids Felix, who has become a popular idol in Super Rookie, and sincere interviews can be found in the November issue of Atstar Magazine.


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