Park Jae-jung double single, "That Person" will be released on the 30th
Park Jae-jung double single, "That Person" will be released on the 30th
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[BBANGYA NEWS | Reporter Khaing] Singer Park Jae-jung will return with a new song in three months.

Park Jae-jung will release a new double single "That Person" on various online music sites on the 30th.

The album, which will be released three months after Hobby, which was introduced in July, will include two songs, "That Person" and "The Last Song," which contain Park Jae-jung's vocal charm.

The title song "That Person" is a song about a crush on a man who likes a friend who loves another person. Park Jae-jung said, "It is a song that encounters the bright sadness of the respected musician senior Toy. I really wanted to sing a song in this tone. "It's a song that paid particular attention to the arrangement," he said.

Park Jae-jung is also known to have appeared as a major character in the music video of "That Person," drawing curiosity and expectations from music fans.

The song "The Last Song" is a remake of the original song of the same name released in October last year by his teacher Gyeonwoo when Park Jae-jung was a student at Dankook University. It is said that Park Jae-jung wanted to sing "The Last Song," so he arranged it with arranger Hyun Ji-woong in advance and went to get permission from Gyeon-woo.

Park Jae Jung on MBC How do you play? as a member of MSG Wannabe and swept the top spot in the music charts with M.O.M's "Just Looking At Me." In addition, he is in his heyday receiving love calls from various entertainment shows such as MBC's "I Live Alone."

Earlier, while Park Jae-jung's singles with colors and skills such as "It Was Good" and "Hobby" were also greatly loved, it is expected that the upcoming "That Person" and "The Last Song" will heat up Park Jae-jung's heyday.

Park Jae-jung will release That Person at 6 p.m. on the 30th and continue his active activities. In November, a solo concert, which was postponed in consideration of the COVID-19 situation, will also be held.


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